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CAL Freight offers a personalized service in Local and International Air Freight. Listed below are some of the services we offer in order to guide you through the export process.
Collection Service
We offer a collection service from any of your suppliers or your premises at a minimal rate.
Specialized Packaging / Crating
We offer specialized packaging of fragile goods such as artwork or sculptures. All crating is done on our premises, but if pre arranged and possible we can pack at site.
Hazardous Cargo
We offer packaging for Dangerous Goods commodities, meeting with international standards.
We can provide access to the local and international Courier network, where important documentation, can be sent direct to consignee. We also have a same day service, with respect to local deliveries.
Export Documentation
  1. We are able to assist in the completion of any accompanying documentation such as F178, EUR.1, and CCA1 etc.
  2. We complete the SAD500 form along with your Air Waybill at a minimal fee.
  3. The original SAD500 as well as Air Waybill are sent back to the shipper once shipment has departed, in order to have proof of export on your records.
  4. We have an EDI facility at an additional charge, which will result in a faster turn-around time for documents passed through Customs.
  5. Once we have confirmation from the airline that goods have departed, we will send the shipper and the consignee all the relative flight details, in order to collect goods at destination.
Import Documentation
We are able to arrange the Freighting of goods coming back to South Africa, from anywhere in the world. We have agents based at most major cities worldwide and in most cases they are also able to offer a collection service.

Once here we will collect Documents from the relative airline, and start the clearance procedure straight away.

Duties and Taxes are C.O.D, and once cargo has been drawn, we can arrange delivery to your premises.
Our in transit insurance is available for all means of transport, Export, Import, Sea Freight, Road Freight, and local pick-ups.

Our insurance is under written by Lloyds of London at competitive rates.
Our pre-flight warehousing is offered at no additional charge.
Import & Export Customer Codes
It is essential that if you are going to be exporting on a regular basis that you register for an Importer / Exporters Customs code.

You are allowed one export a year using the neutral code providing the goods are under R20 000.00.

We have all the relevant forms, and will assist you in completing them. There is no fee, and it will not have to be renewed.
Forwarding Details
Please ensure that we have the correct Consignee details and as much information as possible like tel no., fax no. and E-Mail.

Consignee will collect goods at cargo section at destination and not at passenger section.

Please ensure that we have the physical addresses of the shipper and consignee, as the airline will not accept a postal address.
The client should give you the closest International Airport, as to where they are. They should bear in mind that it must be a Customs Airport. We have a list of all Customs affiliated International Airports worldwide and can advise of closest Airport with the use of town or zip code.
Accompanying Documents
  1. We need a commercial Inv to complete export.
  2. For Personal Effects, we need a packing list reflecting a value.
  3. If the shipment is more than R50 000.00 we will need a F178.
If Packing list is more than R50 000.00 we will need a NEP.
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